OUT NOW - Musik ist Krieg (Maxi-CD/EP)

Funker Vogt strike back! Barely five months after the release of the successful album "Code of Conduct", the Funker Vogt-recruits radio their new explosive EP "Musik ist Krieg" into the clubs. "Musik ist Krieg” delivers a total of ten tracks. In addition to seven new remixes of current album-tracks, Chris L., Gerrit Thomas und René Dornbusch present three new songs.. "Schattenwelt", "Bloodbrother" and "Strike Force" ruthlessly follow the course adopted on "Code of Conduct".

Buy "Musik ist Krieg" at these fine North American retailers:

Buy Music ist Krieg at Storming the Base

Buy Musik ist Krieg at IsoTank

Funker Vogt-remixes of the tracks "Wahre Helden (Video Version)", "Gladiator (Until Death Mix)" and the epic final "Für immer (Orchester Version)" are enriched with remixes by bands like Agonoize ("Für immer"), NOVAkILL ("Tanzbefehl"), Cephalgy ("Gladiator") and Kunstwerk ("Tanzbefehl"). The new EP will be released on November 3rd 2017, right before "Funker Vogt” present their new live-show at the Schattenwelt Festival in Vienna. More shows to come in 2018… Marching orders, radio frequency, contact with the enemy – Musik ist Krieg!!!

Releases: 19.05.2017 - "Der letzte Tanz” - Maxi-CD (RepoRecords) 02.06.2017 - "Code of Conduct” - Album-CD (RepoRecords) 03.11.2017 - "Musik ist Krieg" - Maxi-CD (RepoRecords)

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