Funker Vogt - Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

01. Phönix

02. Kampfbereit

03. Für immer

04. Tanzbefehl

05. Wahre Helden

06. Gladiator

07. Der letzte Tanz

08. Armed and Dangerous

09. Deutsch bleibt Deutsch

10. Brexshit

11. Superstar

12. Kämpfer13. Theater of War

14. Army of the Doomed

15. Der letzte Tanz (Rise of an Empire Mix)

16. Der letzte Tanz (Intent: Outtake Remix)

Release: 02.06.2017

Format: CD

Label: RepoRecords

Four years after the release of their last album "Companion in Crime", Funker Vogt are finally back. Along with their new singer, Chris L.(Agonoize/ The Sexorcist), they present the new single "Der letzte Tanz" followed by a new album called "Code of Conduct".

The Band around Gerrit Thomas and Rene Dornbusch proves again that they still belong to the top of the EBM- and industrial-scene.

The new material contains a lot of excellent club hits: Songs like "Tanzbefehl", "Phönix" or "Kampfbereit" as well as the new hymn and first single "Der letzte Tanz" will soon head to the clubs.

But the fans will also discover calmer, almost melancholic tracks like "Für immer" or "Armed & Dangerous".

Funker Vogt have always been part in the who is who of the dark elcectro scene and with the new single and album this will not change in the future.

Funker Vogt present themselves more complex and more vital than ever.

Funker Vogt issues the command to dance!

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