Funker Vogt - Der letzte Tanz single

Release: 19.05.2017 Format: CD Label: RepoRecords

Funker Vogt are back!

After a few years of silence Gerrit Thomas and Rene Dornbusch enter the dance floors of the world again, accompanied by none other than singer Chris L. (Agonoize/ The Sexorcist) on the microphone. Hard-hitting and merciless as ever Funker Vogt will attack the dance floors with catchy dance tracks again. Everybody who has seen Chris L. on stage before knows what to expect. Funker Vogt will perform an incredible redesigned live show. The band is ready to conquer the stage again, to turn them into battlefields. When the bass roars and explosions shake the earth, everybody will know that Funker Vogt is back in town! The first sound-attack will start in the middle of May with the release of the new hit-single “Der letzte Tanz“. The brand new album “Code of Conduct” will be released early in June. Both titles will be available worldwide via RepoRecords. Both releases will be available in a limited edition with special packaging and bonus-tracks. Fans should better be quick to get one of the limited versions! Funker Vogt 2017, stronger than ever before! Order: Dance! – and everybody dances along... Release Dates: 05.19.2017 Der letzte Tanz (Maxi-CD) 06.02.2017 Code of Conduct (Album-CD)

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