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1. The Fallen Race
2. CE-3 (First Contact)
3. We Believe
4. A New Dawn
5. Date Of Expiration (Neumix)
6. CE-3 (Intruder)
7. The Fallen Race (Conquest)

Only one and a half year after their last stroke of genius "Wastelands", Funker D., Funker L. and Funker T. go on the hunt for the inexplicable:


"Conspiracy", the title of the new EP, takes a long swing to strike against the conspiracies of this planet and confronts with the question "Are we really alone in this universe?


As a harbinger of the upcoming album, it goes without saying that Funker Vogt dig deep into the musical bag of tricks to give this mysterious hustle and bustle the right sound and to stir up the desire for more.


Four brand-new songs, a new version of the 2002 classic "Date of Expiration" and two in-house remixes are presented by the men around Gerrit Thomas and show once more why they belong to the spearhead of Dark Electro.


Funker Vogt is coming…



Label / Kai Schmidt & Björn Böttcher GbR
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